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SCAM? Medsindia Review


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UPDATE!: Medsindia has changed domain names and is now accepting credit cards: Medsindia.net

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Is Medsindia Reliable?

Medsindia.com is an India-based website offering insomnia, anxiety, pain, and several other medications. Many of these medicines are available in India over the counter, and as such, customers are not required to have a prescription to buy from the site. Essentially, by purchasing from medsindia or other Indian-based shops, you are taking advantage of the more relaxed regulation of certain medications.

Is Meds-india a Scam?

Our experience with medsindia was fine, it is certainly not a scam. We received our order of Alprazolam (brand name Xanax or Xanor) and it was genuine, which lead us to writing this review. As opposed to a scam, medsindia appears to be one of the few legitimate online suppliers of anxiety/sleep medications. People in certain areas may have difficulty acquiring these drugs otherwise from their doctor due lack of insurance. Some anti-anxiety drugs are not sold in Europe, while India is the primary global manufacturer of such drugs.

One of the downsides with medsindia was slow shipping (almost 10 days), and high prices unless you buy in bulk (which we will do next time). Another minus is that they only accept payment via eCheck or international bank transfer. This is an extra step that takes a few extra minutes if you haven’t done it before. One a positive note, the Meds-india customer service is excellent and they even have a live chat function on their website. Finally, they also offer to re-ship packages that get lost or seized, a process that we are unable to comment on as our package was not seized.

Overall 8/10 (minus two points for slow shipping)

November 2nd, 2011

4 Responses to “SCAM? Medsindia Review”

  1. Sassy says:

    Now they are a scam. Shut down website after I cancelled order. No way to contact them to get a refund.

  2. Isaac says:

    I have purchased from Medsindia before. As you said the shipping is pretty slow but the product is always legitimate. hard to beat really. Thanks for reviewing…

  3. Arjuna says:

    medsindia.com has moved to medsindia.net

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