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Why are Americans so stupid?

After the (suprising) popularty of my article Why are Americans so Fat? I decided to expand my theory to investigate this rather ugly stereotype “Why are Americans so Stupid?”

Please remember!: I consider myself to be an American, and I am merely trying to understand the hostility that seems to exist towards us/them from people living outside of the United States.

Let us begin with examining some reasons why any people could potentially be accused of being stupid :

1) The people of the USA are the fattest human civilization on the planet, which is currently an undeniable fact. I have a strong sense that a fair proportion of human beings associate overweightness with stupidity.

2) American consumerism appears to agree nicely with the state of the people. America has the largest food and drink portions, not to mention the largest cars, yards, houses, shopping centers, grocery stores, and automobiles. The fatness of Americans seems to coexist flawlessly with the goods and services of the nation. Again, fatness and excessive consumption may be associated with stupidity.

3) The USA appears to initiate war without properly understanding the situation. A classic example was the non-existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, and the subsequent invasion of Iraq, a country which was never and is still not affiliated with Osama Bin Laden or Al-Queda (who infamously attacked New York on September 11th, 2001).

4) The people of the USA re-elected the leader who made #3 possible.

5) George W. Bush, merely by expressing himself verbally, has caused many foreigners to doubt his intelligence and hence that of the entire nation. “Bushisms” is a good term to Google.

6) Combine #4 and #5 and it’s a major recipe for mockary.

7) McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Wendy’s, and other fast food restaurants were all founded in the United States. Most of these chains have spread to the rest of the world. Anyone who eats at them (x person from x country) is reminded that a) This is American food and b) It’s bad for me, but I like it (but deep inside I blame America). If that person is ever criticized for eating at McDonalds, he will probably defend himself by saying “I don’t usually eat American Food but I needed something “big and greasy”. Just by eating at this restaurant the negative American stereotypes are enforced and passed on. If that same person ever was to become significantly overweight, there is a good likelihood that someone will either call him an American, or tell him to stop eating American food (or both). The same could apply to any kind of American product, media, or cultural idea that is harmful or fattening.

However, I believe there is a greater concept in action here. The list above is only a starting point for calling Americans stupid. It wouldn’t be enough to “justify” calling Americans stupid.

However, America is one of the richest, most affluent countries on Earth. That is the last straw, the turning point that makes it ok to call Americans stupid.

People don’t generally trash-talk another country or people unless they feel it is safe to do so.

As an example, several African countries endure a great deal of infancy death. Children are dying from simple diseases such as E.Coli, leading to diarrhea which leads to fatal dehydration. These people are in a desperate situation, but nobody trash-talks them because it would be VERY un-funny and disrespectful to do so.

Calling the American people “stupid”, on the other hand, is fair game. There is no excuse for Americans to be stupid, ignorant, or misinformed about their health and about the world. This, at least, seems to be the attitude of the world.

Again, as stated up top, I am not interested in trash-talking anybody. Rather, I yearn to understand these negative attitudes geared toward the American people.

Enjoy the New Year!

October 4th, 2011

9 Responses to “Why are Americans so stupid?”

  1. Bumpercrop says:

    The reason U.S Americans are so dumb, especially citizens from the
    southeastern “bible belt” region is because of socially enforced archaic religious beliefs. Religion does not encourage curiosity nor
    reward knowledge.Religion promotes a superstitious non-thinking culture. The cunning and greedy amongst us recognize this fact and manipulate us accordingly and for a good profit. Six corporate conglomerates (see FreePress) control television & radio stations. Our newspapers are owned by wealthy corporations that do not want the average person to possess abstract thinking skills or to know the truth. There is also the fact that USAmericans have enjoyed unprecedented wealth due to the monopoly of our planet’s fossil fuels.
    However, global warming is about to level the playing field. To borrow from ancient scripture, “Pride goeth before a fall”

  2. Jimmie says:

    Americans are stupid and it’s a result of one word, GREED, we are the greediest country in the world and the marketers mass market their
    products in these idiotic ways, this effects these dim witted people and we are just getting stupider.

  3. agata says:

    I was born in Poland, I lived in Germany for 10 years and 16 years ago i moved to US (with $2,000 in my pocket). I am sick and tired of people putting Americans down. People here are hard workers, friendly and way happier then average Europian. Within first 5 years of living here I bought 2 homes, have 2 cars and started my own business ( try that in Europe lol). I love America and Americans. I take America with their Bush and fat, “dumb” people over any country in Europe!!!! My friends are smart, educated and not fat. Most of the middle class people in the US are that way. Why do we stereotype Americans based on “people of the Walmart” pictures? American man(most of them) are handsome, funny and “fly” unlike some Polish or German man I know. I know tons of american woman very atractive and smart. Yes there is stupid people here , but they are also in Poland, Germany, Greece , Italy and many other countries in Europe who like to think that they are the best, the smartest and great looking. There is a lot of obese Americans but sooner then you think they will win that war too – and winn it – because that is what they do- they are the winners. How do I know? Because if there were not-you all would probably speak German today. Forgive my spelling but its late here and I am Polish after all…..

  4. Linney says:

    This is all very interesting. I Googled “Why are Americans fat?” I agree with your seven reasons on the other blog. I clicked to see what you have to say about “Why are Americans dumb?” I am an American. I have also noticed that my fellow Americans are incredibly dumb, and more so in the last 10 to 12 years, which is the same time period in which we got fat. Maybe the two are connected. I find life completely frustrating in a society where healthy food is not available and I can’t walk without seeing trash all over the sidewalk, and I must breath car exhaust if I walk or ride a bike. I am forced to use my own car to get to work because there is no adequate public transportation. I know of two people in my area who died because they were hit by cars while riding bikes. Both were adults who were riding safely. I stopped riding my bike because it is now too dangerous. I researched where to move to, but the countries that I would like to move to will not accept me or allow me to work, so I feel like I am stuck here. Besides, I would not like to leave my family. My ancestors came from many European countries over the past 3 centuries, and they built this country. Now it is getting ruined. I’m trying to figure out what I can do to help fix it, but I feel like it is just spitting into the wind to try to do anything. I vote, and I also vote with my purchases. It seems no one else can see the same things I am noticing, so my voice is lost in a sea of dumbness. For example, how are we going to deal with the problem of plastics? I feel that plastics are harming my health as I can barely find food or other products such as shampoo that is not encased in plastic. It is unavoidable. Maybe the plastics (in our environment, seeping into our food and water) are what makes us dumb. I wouldn’t be surprised. What do you think?

  5. Steven says:

    Sorry that was long. Just was slightly offended… I mean c’mon a ton of the most astute business minds and millitary minds and scientific minds have come from this country in its short history so far. That’s pretty impressive for a country thats been one for half as long or less as almost every nation on earth.

  6. Steven says:

    And im 150lbs and 6 feet tall. Ya i know standerd system, sorry i wasnt tought metric probably makes me fat and dumb like the other commenter said. Suc a prejiduced man for a nation with such badass music too. :(

  7. Steven says:

    Well this is pretty sad… And although I can’t agree with what my Government always does we Americans as a majority are not dumb. You think Bush didn’t steal that election the second time around? Well then a loud portion of the country probably somewhere around half would disagree with you. Can you sir yourself tell me on a map where Cameroon and Tibet and Chile are etc? But you took basic georgraphy right? So did I… and sadly i cant remember every single one of the countries on earth are. We ARE NOT dumb. Different priorities. What nation has the most productive workers on the face of the earth? America. What industrialised 1st world nation works as long as America in Europe? None. What countrie gives the most to charities every year? America. The list goes on. Ya, I agree its a sh#7*y place sometimes… but stupid? I don’t know about that. As progressive as Europe “is” your damn prejudical too. Not you personally btw (You could pull every stereo-type in the book with that logic, italian gangsters, french pussies, dumb polock etc etc)

  8. Magne says:


    Unfortunately I, as a Norwegian, also do think Americans are fat and dumb. Sad to say this, but the article is spot on. However this can’t be the whole truth considering all your inventions in tecnology, science etc. You landed on the moon, remember!?

    • Shawny says:

      If you describe the article “spot on”, why would you call Americans dumb? Americans are misled and poorly informed. Science and technology will not solve anything until a basic infrastructure for health has been established.

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